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Sealed Units

Each sealed unit is custom made with clear or patterned glass.

Seaview manufactures sealed units for both retail and wholesale customers. We have a wide range of experience creating annealed or tempered units, rake units, triple glazed units, laminated units, units with stained glass inserted inside, curved or circular units and more! 

Sealed units can be customized in more ways than most people realize. You can opt for patterned, obscure, colored or reflective glass to add a bit of style or privacy to your windows. If you're looking to reduce noise transfer from the outside, laminated glass units are the way to go. 

If you have single pane windows or foggy sealed units, call us to schedule your no-obligation quote. You can improve the energy efficiency of your units by upgrading to LowE glass or adding argon gas. These upgrades have become a standard for new windows, however they are optional for sealed unit replacement in preexisting frames. 

We supply replacement window panels to Nanaimo, Cedar, Ladysmith, Lantzville, Parksville, and Qualicum.

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